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EnsoMOSAIC photogrammetry software and hardware for aerial image processing and aerial survey systems

NDVI_agriculture CIR_picture_forest cessna_for_survey Cropdrone_UAV

NIKON_CIR_NDVI Hyperspectral_camera terrascan point cloud classification photogrammetric_software

  • MosaicMill develops survey tools to inspect vessel emissions

  • EnsoMOSAIC Cropdrone and Orthodrone now with Geodrone X4L multicopter

  • Training: UAVs for precision agriculture, CTC, Barcelona, April 27.-29. 2016

  • ISPRS Exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic, July 12.-16. 2016

  • Intergeo Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany, October 11.-13. 2016

  • February 2016: EnsoMOSAIC NDVI-tools released

  • January 2016: Vectornav IMU implemented in EnsoMOSAIC system .

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