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ALL NEW EnsoMOSAIC Fusion image processing software

EnsoMOSAIC | photogrammetric software
MosaicMill offers all new EnsoMOSAIC Fusion, powerful software for orthomosaicking and point cloud generation with ground breaking quality. EnsoMOSAIC Fusion is a full photogrammetric suite for processing images from unmanned and manned platforms. All cameras are supported from entry level UAV cameras to large format aerial cameras, thermal cameras and hyperspectral sensors.

Functionality contains for example:
  • completely new map user interface,
  • flexible, automatic and easy data input from any platform,
  • limitless weight settings for all input data,
  • support for multicamera oblique systems,
  • self calibration of multicamera systems,
  • support for multi- and hyperspectral images, e.g. Micasens and Rikola
  • data fusion to process images from different camera types in one run
  • state of the art point clouds and DSM for most demanding 3D projects like powerlines, walls and roof edges
  • advanced process quality reporting
  • EnsoMOSAIC | quality report
EnsoMOSAIC Fusion is fully automatic. The results are immediately available for Google Earth or into any GIS and CAD package.

As input EnsoMOSAIC requires:
  • Images, in any common format
  • GPS coordinates e.g from autopilot log files or image headers, available in any UAV model
Initial image orientation (i.e. Roll-Pitch-Yaw or Omega-Phi-Kappa) and Ground control points can be applied to improve accuracy and speed up the process

EnsoMOSAIC has two licensing options:
  • EnsoMOSAIC - fully automatic and especially tailored for professional UAV operators looking after the highest quality but still simple interface
  • EnsoMOSAIC Fusion - fully controllable but still automatic for all professionals

Bramor_UAV Detailed functionality is available in the EnsoMOSAIC technical specifications