MosaicMill News

24.11.2020 forest planning service launched in Finland

Mosaicmill, Simosol Ltd and Metsalinkki Ltd has jointly established new forest planning service. service will provide drone based surveys and treewise forest inventories and forest planning for all finnish forest owners. New service is available in site

15.10.2020 Aerial Best starts new business in Canada

Aerial Best, MosaicMill's partner in Canada, has established new company Digital Timber Canada to provide treewise forest inventory services in Ontario.

15.9.2020 Aerial survey system for light aircraft updated

Aerial survey system for Cessna aircraft is now completely wireless. Flight control system communicates from the cabin unit to the wing pod unit applying bluetooth technology to trigger cameras and monitor image acquisition.

1.7.2020 MosaicMill started drone-based forest management planning for Stora Enso in Finland

Forest management plans are being updated by combined UAV surveys and advanced single tree based calculations for optimal management plans and up-to-date property maps.

1.7.2020 MosaicMill started drone forest surveys for Tornator in Finland

Forests owned by Tornator Ltd. are being surveyd by drones equipped with multispectral cameras for forest information update by tree species.

15.6.2020 MosaicMill starts operational work in Ontario Canada

Surveys are carried out in co-operation with Ontario based Aerial Best.

15.4.2020 MosaicMill starts operational surveys for Finnish Forest Centre

Surveys are carried out to monitor to monitor implementation of private forest owners' forest operations. Flights will cover at least 600 areas annually and drone flights will be carried out between April - September.

10.6.2019 MosaicMill starts as innovation partner of Finnish Forest Centre

MosaicMill is selected as other partner to develop new inventory methods to monitor implementation of private forest owners' forest operations.

10.5.2019 MosaicMill continues single tree based forest inventories with UAV in Finland

MosaicMill has signed agreement with Metsä Group to carry out forest inventories in the next three years. MosaicMill is working together with two drone operators (Metsälinkki and Finn Forestry Consulting) and Simosol in order to prepare forest plans for private forest owners.

16.1.2019 Camera pod for various Cessna models has been certified by the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the US has approved the Supplemntal Type Certificate (STC) to utilize the camera pod in Cessna models 172, 182 and 206. The STC is avaialable on request. You can download the specifications of the camera pod.

20.5.2018 MosaicMill starts single tree based forest inventories with UAV in Finland

MosaicMill carries out forest inventories in the first phase of the project for 5,000 ha in southern Finland for Metsä Group clients. Our partners in this project are Simosol Oy and Metsälinkki Oy.

17.5.2018 MosaicMill delivers HS camera for Umeå University.

This project contains turn key UAV system for hyperspectral forestry mapping. MosaicMill delivers system in co-operation with Videodrone Oy and Trimtec Ab.

15.5.2018 MosaicMill starts UAV-based evaluation of harvesting damages

MosaicMill generates tree, ground and nature value parameters for harvesting and logging sites. Finnish Forest Center uses the results to evaluate quality of logging operations in private forests.

29.1.2018 MosaicMill starts forest inventory as cloud service during spring 2018.

You can send your UAV data to Mosaicmill and we will process location, height and canopy diamater by tree. Species interpretation is also possible depending on the forest conditions and the sensors applied.

29.11.2017 MosaicMill trained 12 Indonesian organizations to apply hyperspectral data in oil palm plantation mapping.

MosaicMill carried out training session for oil palm ans pulpwood plantation mapping with hyperspectral camera data in jakarta, Indonesia.

29.05.2017 MosaicMill starts development of forest inventry methods with HS camera.

MosaicMill has started co-operation with Metsä Group, one of the biggest forest industriel groups, to develop forest inventories with UAV and hyperspectral camera. Aim is to establish methods that enable inventory of forest properties without field measurements. Press release by Metsä Group

19.05.2017 District heating networks of lappeenranta and Imatra surveyed.

MosaicMill has carried out first district heating surveys with new technology in order to detect energy linkages. Survey was carried out with Piper manned aircraft covering over 500 km of pipelines.

26.04.2017 EnsoMOSAIC Agri updated

MosaicMill has released new version of EnsoMOSAIC Agri QGIS plugin. New version is applying 2 - 5 reflectance targets to correct non-linearity of the camera.

04.11.2016 EnsoMOSAIC Agri released

MosaicMill has further developed NDVI tools and new version is now EnsoMOSAIC Agri. This QGIS plugin calculates reflectance mosaics, true NDVIs and prescription maps which can be used in most tractor systems to optimize fertilazation in precision agriculture. Detailed workflow of the tools is shown in the following youtube videos:

03.11.2016 EnsoMOSAIC NDVI cameras capture narrow bands

MosaicMill is applying new filter technology in NDVI camera range. Now NDVI cameras can be also capture narrow RED and NIR bands, which improves accuracy of NDVI mapping.

10.10.2016 EnsoMOSAIC Fusion will be launched in Intergeo

MosaicMill is launching all new EnsoMOSAIC Fusion software (version 8 in EnsoMOSAIC chain) in Intergeo, Hamburg. New fuctionality contains e.g oblique image processing, state-of-the art point cloud quality and hyperspectral image processing. More details available in Products and downloads pages.

02.05.2016 MosaicMill is reselling Terra - software

MosaicMill is reselling Terra software suite by Terrasolid, Finland. Terrasuite is complete, automatic package for Lidar or image-based point cloud classification and vectorization. Most common application areas are powerline mapping, city mapping and forest inventories. Animation of image based results are available in youtube:

02.02.2016 EnsoMOSAIC NDVI-tools released

MosaicMill has released NDVI-tools, combination of calibrated field reflectance plates and software tools to calculate reflectance and true NDVIs. These tools enable NDVI comparisons of different sites and times with high accuracy. Detailed tutorial video of working steps is found in Youtube: Reflectance and NDVI mosaic

15.01.2016 Vectornav IMU

Vectornav VN-200 GNSS/IMU is now integrated into EnsoMOSAIC flight hardware. This enables accurate orientation of imaging sensors and thus improves mosaicking accuracy and processing speed.